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What is the 10-Day Test Drive, and Why is it So Important?

Investing in better hearing can sometimes be a difficult decision. At Cruz Hearing Aid Service, we want to make sure that decision is as easy as possible. Not many folks would invest in a new car without first taking it for a spin. That is why we have implemented our 10-Day Test Drive, so that you can experience the most appropriate hearing devices for you. Our Test Drive is done at no charge and with no obligation for all individuals, whether you are a current Cruz patient or a soon-to-be one.

Step 1: My Hearing Assessment

At Cruz Hearing Aid Service, we will discover all of the information about your ears, your hearing and your everyday listening situations. Through our precise diagnostic testing and physical examinations of your ears, you will know exactly how well you are hearing.

Step 2: The 10-Day Test Drive

The entire reason we have implemented the Test Drive is so our patients can experience actual hearing devices without having to make any financial investment first. This “Try Before You Buy” philosophy has given our patients the confidence in their decision to seek better hearing.

In participating in the Test Drive, you will take home the hearing devices so that you may experience how they perform at work, at home, or in any situation you might be in. Whether you have an important meeting with your biggest client, or a lunch date with the grandkids, this allows you to know for sure how you will hear in your “real world.”

Step 3: Joy & Happiness

The ability to hear properly allows you to be engaged, to interact, to socialize. When that ability is limited, it can too easily lead to frustration, aggravation, even isolation. With the 10-Day Test Drive, it will empower you to make a much more educated decision about your hearing health.


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